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Norseraft Karvi Packraft first paddle review

Norseraft Karvi Packraft first paddle review
About me 5’8” (172cm) tall, Inside leg 31” (78cm), 13.8 stone (87kg)
I have an Alpacka Caribou for bike packrafting, Anfibio Revo CL for White Water paddling and Anfibio nano for small mill pond fun paddling, but of course another packraft was needed for hill walking and remote lakes and gentle river paddling.
In the past I’ve paddled the following packrafts - Kokopelli Recon PVC, MRS Nomad, Neris White Water PVC, Neris Open PVC & heavier TPU packrafts and a GP Cargo packraft too.
Why buy the Norseraft Karvi?
I’ve always liked the colour scheme of the Norseraft packrafts and when I saw their Karvi packraft with 10% email sign up discount, my “want” turned into a “need”.
I bought it on a Thursday lunchtime and it arrived from Norway to me in England in just 50 hours, arriving on the Saturday morning from DHL. It arrived with no carriage, import duties, VAT and Brexit taxes to pay, it was all done automatically at the time of ordering from the norseraft.com website, which was nice.
The pictures show that it can be packed down to the smallest size of any quality TPU packraft that I have seen and used.
When on the calm water without any load it feels very stable side to side with no fear of tipping over.
(I only ever fill the seats with around 70% air so I sit in comfort but lower in the boat than if they were inflated high)
Front to back is not so good as the side to side as the front does tend to be higher out of the water than my other packrafts. This is because of it’s short length and small rear air volume behind the paddler.
Given it’s very short length even with the shortest of paddle strokes it makes the front end twitch from side to side more than any other packraft than I have even paddled before.
But this packraft (for me) is for walking trips where I carry not only the boat but my camping gear on my back, and once loaded with a pack on the front end it makes a big difference, although not really that noticeable on the side on photos, it does make a massive difference to the front end twitching with it being lower in the water, but it still twitches.
I’ve ordered a removable skeg and knowing how good these are on my other packrafts, this packraft when loaded up with one correctly fitted on the back end I know that it will be awesome and just what I need it for.
Set up.
I have a rechargeable pump, but it’s quicker to use Norseraft’s excellent inflation bag that comes with this packraft, it only takes 4 full bags to inflate the Karvi, once 80% full you remove the bag and put in the Boston valve and blow.
But I would avoid this at all costs, I don’t like putting moisture from my lungs inside my packrafts (or camping mattresses) and I would highly recommend one of the hand pumps which Norseraft also sell norseraft.com/products/hand-pump
After around 40 to 50 pumps of this makes the packraft nice and firm and ready to paddle.
What I like about it
It’s pack size, weight, excellent seat and backrest, it’s black base TPU overlaps the delicate TPU tube underneath giving it excellent protection with getting in and out of the packraft, it’s colour scheme, the best inflation bag I’ve ever used, the removable valve top to make packing away easier and it’s stability given it’s narrowness and lower volume of tubes especially when loaded up
What I would change about it if I was the designer.
I’ve give it a bigger rear end to level out the boat when it’s not loaded up and I’d reduce the logo graphics as it’s a bit in your face on the one side and nothing on the other side.
I’d do a package deal with a lightweight PFD, paddle, hand pump and removable skeg too.
This is only a quick first impression and I’ll add more after next weekends big wild camping trip.
My legs were never straight out in this small packraft, but nicely bent to help brace myself in. On my un-calibrated scales my Karvi, with seat, backrest and strap weighs in at 2315g their website says 2277g without the strap, so not that far out.
To sum up my feelings for now
The Norseraft Karvi a perfect trekking packraft for lakes and gentle rivers when loaded up with camping gear.

Thank you for a thorough and useful feedback! ❤️

Claus Erichsen
Solid, lett og god

Har ønsket meg en liten raft til soloturer lenge, og er positivt overrasket over denne lille saken fra Norseraft. Jeg kjøpte elektrisk pumpe til å blåse opp / tømme, og en padleåre med. Alt inkludert ca 4 kilo.
Foreløpig bare testet hjemme, men konstruksjonen virker solid. Godt sete. Mange festepunkter. Gleder meg til å gjøre Bjørnsjøen farlig :D

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